The natural park "Sarikhosor"
The natural park "Sarikhosor" of the Baldzhuvansky Area of Khatlon Province of 196 thousand hectares is at the height about 1,400 meters above sea level. This park is created for preservation of mid-mountain and mountain ecosystems, especially broad-leaved woods. The natural park "Sarikhosor" is rich with fertile places with gardens and streams. "Sarikhosor" very popular place among tourists.
Sanatorium Bahoriston
a new sanatorium “Bahoriston” became famous with its rich infrastructure, modern medical diagnostics and highquality of service.
Sanatorium Khoja Obi Garm
Picturesque environs of the resort, different woody and shrub vegetation, waterfalls of mountain rivers create favourable conditions for the relexation...
Tourist base "Iskandarkul" is located 160 km far from Dushanbe... Travel across the lake ....
Sanatorium Shambari
It is a balneological health resort on the south slope of Hissar mountain ridge, 1100 meter high from the sea level, interfluve of Khanaka and Luchob rivers.
Sarob is located in a picturesque Varzob gorge 1900 metres above sea level.

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"Hulbuk "

Location – Khatlon region, Vose district, South-west part of the Surkhob and Yakhsu Rivers valley. The Qurbonshahid village (7km from Vose). Transportation – hitchhike or taxi from Vose

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"Hissar Historical-cultural Preserve "

Location – Hissar District. About 30km west of Dushanbe, 4-5km from the centre of Hissar. Transportation – regular bus Dushanbe – Hissar leaves from Dushanbe bus station, further by taxi

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"Valley Haftkul"

The valley Haftkul (it - Marguzorsky lakes, she is Seven Beauties of Shinga) is a complex of lakes in the Zeravshansky valley in the north of Tajikistan. Today they treat unique natural monuments of the country In the middle of a mountain landscape of Tajikistan,

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The coast of "The Tajik sea", the Kayrakkum Reservoir, one of the most popular recreation areas of tadzhikistanets so call. This man-made wonderful pride of Tajikistan...

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"Chiluchor Chashma "

Chiluchor Chashma ("Forty four springs") – so is called a place in 12 km from the settlement of Shaartuz, very known in all Tajikistan and in the next Uzbekistan. Here directly at the bottom of the small hill, in the middle of the heated desert...

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"The mausoleum and madrasah Hodzhi Mashkhad "

The mausoleum and madrasah Hodzhi Mashkhad is one of the most known and outstanding historical monuments in Central Asia.

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"Kohi Malika"